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Centered in the heart amidst the misty hills of Mahabaleshwar, Stone Shelter is an escape from the ordinary routine to the discovery of a haven of luxury and serenity exclusively tailored to suit your desires. We proudly boast ourselves as one of the top hotels in Mahabaleshwar as our accommodation and services are incomparable and unmatchable.

The breathtaking panoramic view of the hills from the private balcony and the verdant embrace of our beautiful gardens makes us one of the top hotels in Mahabaleshwar. Our attentive service anticipates every need of the guests and the whisper of adventure beckoning from nearby waterfalls unveils a unique charm of this hilly paradise.

We understand that one size doesn’t fill all and hence we have tailored preferences for all. Whether you're a family looking to paint fresh memories, a couple rekindling romance, or a solo traveler seeking peace, we offer a diverse range of accommodations, from cozy cottages to luxurious suites, ensuring your comfort reflects your individuality. Stone Shelter is the best resort in Mahabaleshwar that holds every key to what your heart seeks.

Book your stay today and let Stone Shelter weave its magic for you. We welcome you with open arms and impart a bundle of memories that will be cherished forever.