Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

From Stone Shelter

12 km

Opening Hours

08:00 am to 05:30 pm

Entry Fee

INR 15 per person.

Google Map

Google Map

Waterfalls Near Mahabaleshwar

The Lingamala Waterfalls sit cosily in the lap of the forest, surrounded by green foliage on all sides. The water at Lingamala makes two separate falls. The smaller one, called the Small Lingamala fall makes a shallow pool with water falling from a short height. You can enter the water at this fall and bask in the fresh, rejuvenating water.

The Small Lingamala falls is a great spot for picnics and is visited by tourists and locals alike. A short trek away from the small falls is the main Lingamala falls, which is nearly 500 ft high. The falls offer splendid views of the green valley around, and you can even see Dhobi falls from here.

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Places to Visit

Mahabaleshwar is the perfect getaway for nature and adventure lovers. It houses some of country’s most beautiful and serene locations. It is also home to several adventure sports like trekking, hiking, paragliding, kayaking and more.